Goa Malabar Coast of India

Published: 04th May 2010
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Goa is a wonderful little country, which is stretching like a narrow strip along the Malabar coast of India. It is not easy to find words that can even remotely convey the smell of her wooded hills, shine lagoon at sunset, the sound of waterfalls and colorful dissonance carnivals.

The land here is riddled with history. Goa was the first piece of Indian territory, in which European colonizers has settled, and the last bastion of colonialism. A little more than thirty years, as Portugal formally recognized the Goa part of India. But it is unlikely to call this land India. Here everything is else - a mixture of Indian and European cultures formed a unique color of eras. Resorts on the Goa coast, which developed very intence in recent years, is not similar to the resoarts of India.

Goa is not like any other states of India. He dazzles as the sunlight at the exit of the cave. Here you will find yourself thinking that you smile without any reason. A typical Goa's landscape: a rice field, surrounded by coconut groves and walnut trees, mango shoots, where the shadows hide inconspicuous tree, which grows directly on the barrel of a mysterious prickly durian. And all around - a real tropical paradise, where winter and summer equally warm, and the bathing season lasts from October until May.

Goa Holidays and Festivals have become famous all over India. The annual festival of light and cheerful carnival in Dona Paula, Gaspar Dias and Siridao attract thousands of tourists from India and other countries. Colorful fireworks over the black mirror of lagoons, dances with the guitar in beautiful gardens and masquerades at Avenida-to-Braatz along the waterfront Mandavi ...

There are many wonderfull things on the ancient land of Goa. Beautiful Hindu temples Mangeshi, Mahalsa and Jama Masjid, surrounded by banana and papaya gardens. The impressive and not conceding Lisbon cathedral built by Portuguese architects. Silent beauty breathe winding streets and squares with fountains, with white houses under the pink tiles. It is impossible not to admire the magnificent beaches: Miramar, where clean sands sparkle with frosty dust Kalangutome near Panandzhi and Colva near Marmagao over which the string buzzing in the wind majestically curved palm.

Goa - a place where everyone can find an entertainment according to its taste and temperament. Escape from holiday on the coast, from the noisy discos and restaurants to help exotic journey into the heart of wild nature, where you can not only learn about the diversity of local flora and fauna, but also from some local custom. Unforgettable cruise on the river Mandovi and Zouari. Beautiful Hindu temples are in the mountains. Or maybe you want to visit the magnificent waterfall Dadsadar and swim in its purest water? If so, the great India is always ready to open its arms to you.

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